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December 2010: About The Worthing Journal A celebration of Sunny Worthing for just £1 a month by former Worthing Sentinel editor Paul Holden Many people have expressed great sadness at the decision to cease publication of The Sentinel, but this is NOT the end of a paper which has championed Worthing for 11 years.

Having single-handedly written and edited The Sentinel since it began in January 2000, I have decided to continue it myself, providing residents of our fine old town with an unique mix of history, gossip, opinion, news and current affairs.

Thousands of readers were disappointed when The Sentinel changed from a monthly to a weekly publication. I am turning it back into a monthly, making it glossy, and giving it a new name, the Worthing Journal.

Despite the changes, the content will follow exactly the same format as The Sentinel. Readers often complained about The Sentinel being delivered one week, but not the next. To overcome this, I will guarantee personal delivery through your letter box.

To cover costs, the Worthing Journal will cost £1 per issue, or £11 a year subscription which will entitle readers to 12 issues. In return, I promise to relentlessly campaign for, and champion, Sunny Worthing, the best and most underrated town in England.

I am proposing to publish the first issue in early January. If you would like to reserve your copy, or have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to ring me on 01903 245674, e-mail me at editor@worthingjournal.co.uk, or write to my home address, 91 Alinora Crescent, Goring, Worthing, BN12 4HH.

I have always valued readers’ feedback and would be very grateful for your views, good or bad, about the plans outlined above. In the meantime, please spread the word.